Bullas and Mula are both situated in the stunning North West Murcia region.

Bullas North West Murcia​


It is important to note Bullas has shops, bars and restaurants and is an autonomous community.

An age-old wine producing community visitors and locals alike marvel at the rich and green vegetation of its vineyards.

Furthermore, this highly prestigious winegrowing area yields distinctive wines. Also wine tours are available throughout the year.

Together with the six towns of North West Murcia Bullas is shrouded in history and stunning countryside.

Equally important, the town has a wealth of monuments, for example, the Church of Santa María del Rosario and much more


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Bullas and Mula North West Murcia towns

Bullas and Mula are surrounded by stunning countryside and also has pleasant picnic areas by the side of the river Segura.


Mula, a charming town which spreads out from around the Plaza Mayor and has historic palaces and monuments.

There are good restaurants and bars within the town.  

Also, Mula has all the local facilities and supermarkets required for day to day living.

Correspondingly, life here is typically Spanish.

Also, and equally important set among the steep and winding lanes of the old town is the church of Santo Domingo.

The church has a Renaissance façade as well as a stunning Baroque interior and is a fine example of monastic architecture.

Additionally, Mula castle is a magnificent 16th-century construction and worthy of note. It also gives the impression of it had simply emerged from the rocky outcrop on which it perches.

Visitors and locals enjoy the Roman baths and marvel at the surrounding countryside, particularly the Sierra Espunas.



Bullas and Mula North West Murcia towns

Enjoy wine tours and tasting. Walk the riverside walks and climb to experience the stunning views from Mula Castle.

Enjoy the stunning historic building and refresh, before dinner in the Roman baths.