Caravaca de la Cruz


Caravaca de la Cruz is a beautiful, thriving town and the main town within North West Murcia.

Notably, the buildings around the castle are beautiful examples of the Murcian Renaissance.

Caravaca, together with the other towns of North West Murcia were inhabited Argaric, Iberian, and Roman cultures.

However, the origins of its urban structure must be sought in its Moorish past.

Its period of splendour was during the 16th and 17th centuries, as a result, it developed into the political centre of a vast territory.

The castle

Caravaca’s castle is a stunning site as it towers up above the town.

The castle is of Muslim origin and was extended in the 15th century by the Patronage of the Templars and later belonged to the Order of Saint James.

The 17th century 14 towers were added in order to safeguard the shrine of the Santísima Vera Cruz. More


An amazing legend of Caravaca de la Cruz is the Cross. 

It is claimed that in 1232 a miracle occurred in the town. 

At this time, Murcia was part of the Taifa kingdom and ruled by a Moorish king, Sayid Abu-Sayid.

The story goes the King was interviewing one of his Christian prisoners, Gines Perez Chirinos, who was from Cuenca.

Following the interview, the King asked him to say Mass.

He arranged for the priest to have an altar together with bread and wine, and candles. 

However, the priest said he could not proceed because he did not have a cross.

At the same time and suddenly through the window of the chamber, two angels appeared with the Cross on which Christ has been crucified.

The angels placed the cross on the altar.

Following the experience, the King and his followers asked to be baptized. 

Visit Caravaca and enjoy the splendour of its rich history and awesome restaurants.

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