General Data Protection

Protecting our clients

We value your privacy and you rights under GDPR

North West Murcia Properties- protecting our clients

Since May 2018 the European Union (EU) has laws to protect the data security and the privacy of its citizens.

In reality, the laws are applicable to:

  • Every citizen of the EU and any business entity that transacts with them.

  • Regardless of the location

  • Regardless of the type of the business.

Furthermore, the impact on organisations globally and across all disciplines are profound.

To summarise, any data collected from a customer from an EU country as a result of a business transaction, are subject to the rules and regulations of GDPR

All business with an internet presence is subject to this law.

Notwithstanding, the risk in disclosing personal data may escalate to a level comparable with:

·      Anti- money-laundering

·      Anti-bribery

·      Corruption legislation

Furthermore, substantial fines will be imposed for improper use, sharing or theft of data.

To ensure our compliance North West Murcia Properties will:

Above all, commit not to share any client detail this includes:

  • Addresses

  • Email addresses

  • Telephone numbers

In addition,report all breaches of data immediately and within the 72 hours guideline set out by the GDPR.

Furthermore, hard copies of client data are kept securely:

·      In a locked filing cabinet

·      In a locked office which is secured by security grills

  • Additionally, our premises are secured with a monitored alarm system

Equally importantand once a property is sold, rented or withdrawn from the market we destroy all electronic and hard copy documents. 

Hard copies are shredded and safely disposed of and electric copies are removed from both soft and hard copy drives.

We commit not to give indication of your name or exact location of your home on any advertising portal or website.

Nevertheless, we will continue to indicate the town of your property but not the exact location.

We will not use an online storage facility to store any data.

Any data emailed to us will be downloaded and stored onto the hard drive and the email destroyed.

When transferring data to solicitors, either for the sale of your property or other purposes, we commit to ensure the data is transferred so it is not traceable either online or by other means.

We have encrypted connections on our website from SSL (Secure Socket Layer)  Wildcard



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North West Murcia Properties Cookie Policy GDPR

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