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Our services

North West Murcia Properties has been operational since 2013.

We have enjoyed tremendous growth which is based on commitment and honesty.

Our forward thinking and pro-active approach is proving very successful.

The split between Spanish and Northern European clients (both buyers and sellers) is equitable.

We have many new clients from the wider Northern European countries searching for Murcia properties.

Following 6 years professionalism, commitment and dedication from Alan Leaver the business is currently going through significant change.

From the end of September 2019 North West Murcia properties will be wholly owned by Cassie Ivins.

Cassie has worked along-side Alan for the past 4 years and has both the experience and attitude required to be successful.

Cassie also has many Spanish and English contacts and is very well respected. Also Cassie is bi-lingual.

Our services include buying and selling and renting property. Working with legal teams and notary representatives. 

A snapshot of this beautiful area

North West Murcia Properties advise that selling your home in Spain is not always a speedy process.

With this in mind, make sure you plan ahead.

The average sale in Spain typically takes 10 months.

Additionally, and as coastal areas remain the popular areas for x pats, selling inland properties can, comparatively,take even longer.

Of course, there is always good news.


On the positive side, careful preparation and smart decisions on your part can help speed up the process.

  • Is it the right time for selling your home?

  • Consider the price!

Although prices have not recovered from their pre-crash 2007 peak, property prices in Spain are generally on the up, 3.8% year-on-year. But this figure disguises huge variations across the country.

Although city prices have significantly improved, prices in Murcia have not.

Average property price for a Murcia:

  • Property purchased at the peak 153,000

  • Dropping to 95,000 during the economic crisis

  • Today the average price is 106,000

Equally important, consider the condition of your property

Be aware, selling your home requires more than an agent advertising a property on your behalf.

Your property needs to look attractive on the photographs the agent takes this will attract viewings.

Present your property at its very best

  • Tidy your property and de clutter.

  • Make sure your property is well decorated in neutral colours

  • Keep your garden tidy and attractive

  • Present your pool making sure it is clean and inviting

  • Have copies of utility bills to hand

  • Have a copy of the Escritura and Catastro to hand

To summarise, be realistic about the price, make your property stand out from the rest by presenting it to a professional standard.

How to choose an estate agent

Talk to a few agents before choosing one 

  • Equally important make sure you feel comfortable with your agent.

  • Additionally, look for someone with experience of working on behalf of people from the UK as well as understanding the local community and who speaks fluent Spanish

  • Estate agent fees can be anything from 3% to 6% or even higher.

  • Make sure there’s clear written agreement about all charges you may be expected to pay including commission.

  • Also, there is nothing to stop you using more than one estate agent.

  • However, to many agents can suggest desperation. We recommend a local English agent and a local Spanish agent.

  • If you go with more than one estate agent, make sure they all put the property on the market at the same price to avoid confusing buyers.

If you’re not sure if this is the right time to sell, you might consider renting out your property instead.

Contact us at sales@northwestmurciaproperties.eu

North West Murcia Properties proud of what we do

Our services-honesty, professionalism and care.


Buying a Spanish property

The Spanish authorities have made great efforts to increase the number foreign tourists and residents alike.

Therefore, if you are looking to invest and rent out your Spanish home, for holiday purposes, this would be a great time to buy.

Additionally, and due to low European interest rates, now is a really good time to buy.

Spain now derives more of its foreign income from tourists than any other country in Europe.  

Therefore, Spain welcomes overseas buyers and tourists alike.

On the other hand, the x pat community contribute immensely to the Spanish economy.  

This of course is a major factor in welcoming overseas purchaser.

Buying Spanish property, know the facts.

A comprehensive and independent guide to buying a Spanish property can be found on the UK Gov website. 


This guide is independent and will be a worthy reference for you.

It is equally important that you review all the independent advice you can access.

In addition, finding a professional property agent is essential.

Also, mistakes have be made and many sellers are now having to pay substantial fees for their properties to be legalised.

In reality, it’s a great idea to choose your agent carefully look for AIPP accreditation. 

Furthermore, misleading advice has caused many heart-breaking situations.

Buying Spanish property, beware!

A UK estate agent would not take you for coffee .

In addition, they would not discuss their competitors or clients with you.

Furthermore, and regardless of how nice your Spanish agent seems, take the offer for coffee as a warning sign.

In addition, avoid  low cost “bogus solicitors” that might try tooffer you cheap “special legal packages” and agents who insist you use their dedicated solicitor.

Ultimately, saving a few hundred euros in the short term may cause financial and legal dire consequences later on.

For example, the property maybe illegal, or be affected by breach of planning laws (resulting in heavy penalties, fines or even demolition).

We are still providing support for client sellers who have been the victim of irresponsibly and unreliable legal advisors andagents. Similarly, andvery worryingly we know of agents who are still applying questionable practice, selling properties that are still illegal.

Our services-honesty, professionalism and care.