Encapsulating North West Murcia

Cehegín is located in the stunning North West of the Region of Murcia and has approximately 16,000 inhabitants.

Furthermore, its inhabitants are warm and welcoming and today’s thriving town has all amenities, required for daily living.

Additionally, there are a good selection of bars and restaurants to share with locals and tourists alike.

Furthermore, this stunning area encompasses rocky mountainous and fertile plains together with pine forests.

Layers in time are evident here and in-depth history has accumulated over the centuries.

Therefore, Cehegin remains a town of historical note and here you will find much evidence of its prehistoric predecessors.

The town has been inhabited by the many civilisations including-

The Argarics, the Iberians, the Romans, the Byzantines, together with the Visigoths and the Arabs. Equally importantare the Christian forces of the reconquest.

The history is definitely fascinating, more about this lovely town.

Cehegin sites to visit and to enjoy;

The Peña Rubia houses the prehistoric rock paintings, now protected by Unesco.

Additionally, archaeological remains from prehistoric and other prehistoric sites within Cehegín can be seen in the Municipal Archaeological Museum.

Also, the old town is filled with important family houses dating from the 17th to 19th centuries. Including the Palacio de Jaspe, the Casino, la Casa del Conde de Campillos, and the Hospital de la Real Piedad.

Together with the above, there are stunning historic churches of note. For example,

  • Iglesia de Santa María,

  • Ermita de la Concepción,

  • Ermita de la Sangre de Cristo and

  • Santuario de las Maravillas, makes Cehegin a magical place to live and to visit.

Today Cehegin has a growing tourism industry, an ideal location from which to explore North West Murcia.

Cehegin’s local tourist attractions include the late Roman and Visigoth city of Begastri and the beautiful, atmospheric old town, filled with historic buildings.

Cehegin is also located on the Vía Verde, a former railway track which is now a major walking, cycling and pilgrimage route, linking Murcia and Caravaca.


Cehegín celebrates a number of Fiestas throughout the year.

  • The Fiestas of San Sebastian in January.

  • Carnival

  • Semana Santa

  • The Feria of San Roque which includes bull running,

  • and its Fiestas patronages in September.

Furthermore, the town also hosts an atmospheric monthly artisan market, El Mesoncico

Its natural resources are also maximised  with its Parque Ecológico and monthly free guided walks to show off the beauty spots of the town